Controlling Termites

Termite Control:

Golden Valley Pest Control currently offers the conventional liquid barrier treatment. It is a truly revolutionary way to treat your property. With the conventional liquid barrier, we will either dig a trench around the four sides of the building, or drill a small hole through the floor or concrete slab and inject the chemical into the soil around or underneath the building.

  • Create a continuous barrier in the soil underneath and around the exterior perimeter of the home
  • Works in 3 months or less
  • Eliminates termites by ingestion and/or contact

Controlling Subterranean Termites

The highly trained technicians at Golden Valley Pest Control are experts at keeping your home safe from subterranean termites. Your home is the most expensive investment you will make and we have the knowledge, the experience, the safest and most effective materials and equipment to protect your home against subterranean termite. Because each home is different, our technicians will follow the prescribed treatment methods outlined by our inspector at the time of your initial inspection.

In most cases he will prescribe a liquid termiticide application between the soil and your home. The most effective way of spreading it is through narrow trenches, placed adjacent to the base of the exterior foundation. At points along the exterior where concrete abuts the structure, (such as patios, driveways, walkways and porches), small holes are drilled in the concrete, along the foundation. The material is then applied to the soil beneath the concrete and the holes are patched. If your home has a crawl space beneath it, our technicians will go under your home and treat the soil at the base of the foundations, pier posts, and places where plumbing may emerge from the soil and extend into the structure.

Controlling Dry-wood Termites

During the course of your initial inspection, our licensed inspector will prescribe the best method to eradicate the dry-wood infestation.

When a dry-wood colony is found, holes are drilled into the infested wood and orange oil is injected into the hollow spaces where termites are feeding. If the holes and injections coincide with the active gallery, the termites in the gallery will be killed on contact.

Controlling Damp-wood Termites

The treatment and control of damp-wood termites revolve around high amounts of moisture to survive. Your inspector may prescribe a method that involves removing and replacing the damaged wood and eliminating, or correcting, the source of moisture that contributed to the infestation.In most cases, damp-wood termites can be controlled without using chemial materials.

Controlling Wood Decay Fungi — Fungus and Dry Rot

Your Golden Valley Pest Control inspector may recommend having the wood removed and replaced. In addition recommendations will be made to correct the source of the moisture that may have contributed to the fungus infection. As a preventative measure the repaired areas may be treated with a fungicide to prevent future infections.

Rest assured that regardless the results of your inspection, Golden Valley Pest Control can solve all of your problems. From eradicating termites and beetles to replacing wood damaged by fungus and dry rot. Our highly skilled technicians can work on any portion of your home that may need attention. Dry Rot or termite damage may occur in any area of the home.